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Indian Health Care Resource Center

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mailing address: 550 S. Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74120
Funding: $22,032
Time on site: 36 hrs.
Primary on-site supervisor(s): Rachele Floyd, Psy.D.; Jason Menting, Psy.D.; Joanna Shadlow, Ph.D.
Contact person: Jason Menting, Psy.D., Director of Clinical Training

Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa, Inc. (IHCRC) is a nonprofit comprehensive health care facility serving the Tulsa area American Indian community. The mission of IHCRC is to provide quality, comprehensive health care to Tulsa area American Indian people in a culturally sensitive manner that promotes good health, well-being, and harmony. IHCRC provides medical, health and wellness education, dental, optometry, substance abuse, pharmacy, and behavioral health services. IHCRC serves individuals across the life span with economically diverse backgrounds. Almost 20,000 American Indian people seek the services of IHCRC each year.

IHCRC has a multidisciplinary behavioral health department comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and substance abuse counselors. The behavioral health department of IHCRC provides comprehensive outpatient services utilizing evidenced-based practices. Services include clinical interviews, diagnostic assessments, substance abuse treatment, medication management, and therapy with individuals, families, and couples. IHCRC provides three full-time placements for interns. The internship is focused on training interns to provide behavioral health services in an interdisciplinary medical facility while emphasizing cultural competency in providing service in the American Indian community. Interns are valued members of our multidisciplinary clinic and work collaboratively with a variety of mental health and medical professionals.

The general responsibilities of the interns include providing therapy and conducting psychological assessment. They will have an opportunity to work with children, adolescents, and adults. Therapy includes working with individuals, families, and couples. Interns have an opportunity to co-facilitate school groups, which incorporates the American Like Skills Development Curriculum. Assessments include child neuro-developmental, learning disability, autism, parenting capacity, diagnostic classification, and dementia screening. Interns work collaboratively with our medical department, with opportunities for medical consultation and observation of psychiatric appointments. They are engaged in periodic consultation with our Systems of Care program, which provides community-based wrap around services to children and adolescents experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties. Interns participate in community activities, including attending Tulsa Indian Community Advisory Team meetings. They are also invited to be involved with any of our ongoing cultural activities, including a drum group, Native Nations Youth Council, and an annual powwow.

To learn more about Indian Health Care Resource Center, go to www.ihcrc.org

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