Northeastern Oklahoma Psychology Internship Program 

(NOPIP) is an APA-accredited internship consortium and a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). We are comprised of 5 agencies located in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Our commitment is to provide quality clinical training in the provision of general psychological services.


Our Mission

The primary mission of the NOPIP is to provide quality clinical training utilizing a diverse range of theoretical models and techniques.

  • The Practitioner-Scholar model is the underlying philosophy of NOPIP.
  • All members consider the integration of research and practical experience essential in the development of professional competency.
    • NOPIP places an emphasis on applying evidence-based practices, research-based programming, and the application of science in practice.
  • Our goal is to facilitate interns' development of critical thinking, conceptualization, and problem solving skills.
    • Prior to the completion of the internship, all interns are expected to be competent in providing basic psychological services to the community in an ethical, professional, and knowledgeable manner.