NOPIP has determined that applicants will be required to have

  • a minimum of 500 hours in Total Intervention & Assessment Hours/Total Supervision Hours combined.

  • applicants have completed a minimum of three (3) semesters of practicum experience,

    • including at least one (1) practicum with an adult population.

  • each applicant have completed at least one (1) integrated written report.


  • Complete an AAPI on-line via the APPIC portal

    • For more information, go to the APPIC website and review the process for completing the AAPI online for the match process

  • Designate the consortium sites to which you are applying in your cover letter of the AAPI on-line

    • You can apply to more than one site within NOPIP (e.g., TCCP and IHCRC), but each site must be independently chosen and interviews will be per site not for the whole consortium in general

  • Submit a de-identified psychological report in your supplemental material of the AAPI on-line


The deadline for applications is November 15th. The internship year will commence the beginning of August and run through the end of July.